Professional Sculptor

Sand sculpting

A-LURE-BeachFest-Fred-Dobbs'A Lure'

Inspired by the 'Mother of Pearl' bronze work in progress, the idea for 'A lure' came about as a continuation of the story of 'Pearl' the Mermaid.

This sand sculpture was created at the 2011 Parksville Beach Festival sand sculpting competition held annually above the tide line on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. 

The piece depicts a dilemma where a mermaid has discovered a passing fishing lure, also noticed by an interested fish. Will the mermaid grasp the lure, or will the fish take the bait, perhaps the mermaid is warning the fish . . . you decide.  And, as one person noted "Be careful what you fish for!"









Bronze Sculpture titled Pearl

pearl fred dobbsThree years in the making, Pearl made her debut at the Castlegar sculpture walk in the spring of 2015, and later that same year won the prestigious peoples choice award at 'Sculpture Splash'.  Inspired by an abalone shell found at Heaundea beach in South Korea, Pearl developed from the question, where do Mermaids come from?  The sculpture portrays a mermaid sleeping in an abalone shell and suggests that this is her birthplace.  Her name is derived from the notion that abalone produce pearls in nature. 

Pearl will be produced as a limited edition bronze sculpture, in four different hair colour patina options.  The choices for hair colour will be brunette, blonde, auburn and winter blonde.  Pearl measures 18"D X 24"H X 36"W and weighs 165 lbs.