Cast Metal Sculptures

Lunar TransitionsLunar Transitions

'Lunar Transitions' won People's Choice at the Oak Bay sculpture walk, Arts Alive 2017.  

Raven with moon ball

fd ravens keyThe Raven's Key

'The Raven's Key' is a bronze sculpture that depicts the Ravens spiritual connnection to unlocking the secrets of nature.  Considered the most intelligent of all birds the Raven has inspired wonderment thru out the world.
The Raven is life size,  the sculpture stands 3' in height on a 12 X 18" base.


pearl fred dobbsPearl

bronze sculpture by Fred Dobbs

Three years in the making, Pearl made her debut at the Castlegar sculpture walk in the spring of 2015, and later that same year won the prestigious peoples choice award at 'Sculpture Splash'.  Inspired by an abalone shell found at Heaundea beach in South Korea, Pearl developed from the question, where do Mermaids come from?  The sculpture portrays a mermaid sleeping in an abalone shell and suggests that this is her birthplace.  Her name is derived from the notion that abalone produce pearls in nature. 

Pearl will be produced as a limited edition bronze sculpture, in four different hair colour patina options.  The choices for hair colour will be brunette, blonde, auburn and winter blonde.  Pearl measures 18"D X 24"H X 36"W and weighs 165 lbs.

ghost cat fred dobbsGhost Cat

bronze sculpture by Fred Dobbs

Originally designed to be cast in concrete as two entryway statues either side of a stair case on raised brick walls.  However, this sculpture was first cast in bronze and began a Sculpture Walk Tour in Castlegar in 2013.  Since then it has been touring Sculpture walks in the USA - Mankato Min, Eau Claire WI, and will be show cased in 2016 in Mason City, Iowa at the 'River City Sculptures on Parade'.

The title for Ghost Cat came from a description of cougars, as ellussive, secretive creatures, seldom seen and were more like ghosts.

Ocean in Motion - Bronze Sea Otter

ocean-in-motion-sydney-bc-freddobbsOcean in Motion - Bronze Sea Otter plaque represents the balance between the Sea Otter, Bull Kelp and Sea Urchin. The Sea Otter, like many ocean animals benefit from the Bull Kelp as a place to hide. And in the Sea Otters case a place to curl up and sleep at night as well. The Sea Urchin feeds on the Bull Kelp and in unchecked numbers can devour a Bull Kelp forest. A balance is struck when the Sea Otter eats the Sea Urchin, keeping their numbers in check, thus sustaining the Bull Kelp.

Installed in April 2012, the first of 12 sculptures by various artists as part of the new Sidney Seaside sculpture walk.


IMG 1774From Clay to bronze - The making of 'Meadow', a bronze Vancouver Island Marmot.

The sculpture is first created with a wax based clay called 'J Mack'.  In this case the marmot was situated on a real rock as its base and built up from there.  Once the sculpting is completed the piece is then divided with metal shims that are lightly pressed into the clay for the moulding process. The shims are connected together with tape and have plastic registration keys set into the shim which will later provide a male/female connection on the rubber mould.

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