Sand Sculpting


Having created sand sculptures for over 25 years, in both a competitive and professional capacity.  Winning titles in Canadian, US and World Championships as well as a listing in the Guinness World Book of records. Producing works at fairs, festivals and shopping centres in Canada the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Germany and Taiwan.

From the small 25 ton projects to the massive 5,000 ton pieces that tower at 50'.  Each sand sculpture has its own whimsey and appeal that seems to attract the hearts and imagination of all ages and walks of life.  This temporary art form has an impact as a commercial endeavour, combining art and promotion making it a popular advertising medium.

sqeekyclean-freddobbsSqueaky Clean

This sand sculpture was a long time coming.  Initially conceived by Kevin Crawford for a team sculpture 'Squeaky Clean' became a possibility for me at the 2011 PNE in Vancouver, in part by the introduction of a new sculpting tool called a 'Willy Sphere'.  The 'Willy Sphere' is a set of shallow dished tools that allow for easy sphere making, ideal for making lots of sandy bubbles.


digger-freddobbsThe inspiration for Digger came from a book titled 'Digger', written by August Barton - illustrated by Robert Rivard.  Having read the story many times to my son Shay I was intrigued by the ending and could imagine the clever drawing as a sculpture.  And so it became a sculptural reality in Parksville, in sand!


piper freddobbs'Piper' and was created at the 2014 Parksville sand sculpture competition.


Bronze Sculpture titled Pearl

pearl fred dobbsThree years in the making, Pearl made her debut at the Castlegar sculpture walk in the spring of 2015, and later that same year won the prestigious peoples choice award at 'Sculpture Splash'.  Inspired by an abalone shell found at Heaundea beach in South Korea, Pearl developed from the question, where do Mermaids come from?  The sculpture portrays a mermaid sleeping in an abalone shell and suggests that this is her birthplace.  Her name is derived from the notion that abalone produce pearls in nature. 

Pearl will be produced as a limited edition bronze sculpture, in four different hair colour patina options.  The choices for hair colour will be brunette, blonde, auburn and winter blonde.  Pearl measures 18"D X 24"H X 36"W and weighs 165 lbs.